Message from Principal

VRSS located in Dharan -11, Sunsari, has completed more than 25 years in the field of imparting education, which has now become the most career option for students.

Learning has to go together in the classroom and beyond the classroom. This is the basic mantra of the school and also what makes it different from other across the city. The school is best known for its teaching methodology. It merely excels in producing not only good students but also good human beings.

The main focus of the school is on imparting the practice oriented teaching methodology accessing the scientific and psychological approaches.

The school has now the classes ranging from Nursery to XII. It emphasizes the extension of Higher Secondary and graduate level education, so that the school can produce eventually successful and effective manpower for the nation.

Established in 2045 B.S. the school has built a reputation of different type among the students and the guardians. Based in quality and excellence, it has become successful establishing itself as one of the leading schools enhancing the capacity of the students in Dharan.

The history of this school extremely rewarded and we continue with our vision and commitment to quality based education that has direct relevance to life. We will continue to provide our students with opportunities to explore and develop their potential so that they can make their aim materialized.

The school is now supported by the facilities that provide comfort as well as easy access to information and knowledge. Computer laboratory with internet, Science laboratory with all necessary equipment, the library with sufficient books and a wide range of magazines and newspapers are major of them. In addition, there is a canteen which offers quality food and snacks for the students at reasonable prices. I would like to request all interested students and the guardians to visit us and join with us. Thank you.

Lalit Phombo