Message from Chairman

This school was established with the objectives to build students’ future bright, to impart education with psychological methodology applying theoretical as well as practical bases of teaching learning process; to orient them with the qualities of morality and creativity and to develop the personality and leadership to individual students. To achieve these objectives the school has involved the students by designing different orientation programs. Students are focused to involve in constructive and creative works so as to higher their psychology. It has focused to shape the students minds with creativity by comprehending not by rote learning. It has been working to fulfill its motto”the wish of guardians to see their children capable by learning in the classroom and the wish of school to have their students learnt with theoretical and practical quality education.” It is one and only school in Dharan that applies different teaching methodologies so as to make the students constructive and creative.

The school has also been running an extensive course in management stream in Higher Secondary level with Hotel management, Travel and Tourism and Computer Science under NEB.

All the interested persons are most welcome.

Narendra Pd. Limboo