Welcome to Victory

Victory Residential Secondary School located in Kalyan Chowk, Dharan -11, Sunsari, has completed more than 28 years in the field of imparting education, which has now become the most career option for students. It is an autonomous institute from the prospect of Administration, Staffs, Teacher Recruitment and College development and is managed by team of Professionals. With a motto “Education Par Excellence”, school was established on 28th of Chaitra, 2045 B.S.

VRSS imparts superior technical education endued by motivated academic and administrative staffs. Each individual scholar’s academic wisdom is empowered by components of freedom and effort.

The main focus of the school is on imparting the practice oriented teaching methodology accessing the scientific and psychological approaches. The school has now the classes ranging from Nursery to XII.

VRSS promotes friendly competitive learning environment and helps students educate as professionals who meet the national aspirations and goals.

We would like to request all interested students and the guardians to visit us and join with us. Thank you.

Students during Assembly